The Beauty of Allentown

Are you thinking of moving to the Allentown area to enjoy retirement? Well, you've chosen correctly! Allentown, Pennsylvania is a community-centered city with numerous activities for residents to enjoy. Whether you're interested in taking a long bike ride along the Susquehanna River or a family camping trip in one of the many state forests, Allentown has it all.

The Susquehanna River is one of Allentown's prized possessions. Stretching 444 miles long, this river is the longest along the East Coast. It is also known for its unique history, once separating the northern and southern states. In the early 1800s, the only way to successfully cross the river was by ferry. Now, there are four bridges connecting each side of the river, allowing Pennsylvanians to pass from each side. 

Moving to Allentown, Pennsylvania

Retiring in Allentown is not only desirable for its surplus of recreational activities but also for its economic terms for retirees. A retiree in Allentown can expect:

  • High establishment-to-population ratio
  • Low retiree taxes
  • Lower cost of goods and services
  • Availability of high-quality healthcare
  • Higher quality of life and happiness compared to other cities

With an ideal economic climate and both indoor and outdoor recreational activities, Allentown is one of the best places to move to in retirement. 

Allentown Moving Company: O'Brien's Moving & Storage

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