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Philadelphia Hosptial Movers

Providing moving services to medical facilities throughout eastern Pennsylvania and the greater Philadelphia metropolitan region has become a large and growing part of our commercial moving business. We are at medical facilities on a daily basis. Therefore, O’Brien’s Moving & Storage has developed vast experience in moving every type of medical equipment. 

Eastern Pennsylvania Medical Equipment Moving

Whether you are a dental or medical office that needs items moved within your office or a larger medical facility that needs an entire department moved to a new floor or wing, O’Brien’s Moving & Storage should be the mover of choice. It is absolutely critical to get the project or move completed on time, no matter the circumstances. You have patients scheduled. Trust the company that has a sufficient workforce and experience to make sure your patient schedule is unaltered.

Items We Commonly Move

  • Lab Equipment Moving
  • High-value Research equipment
  • Surgical Chairs
  • Sterilization Equipment
  • Biosafety Cabinets
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • IT Equipment 

  • Emergency or Trauma Equipment Moving
  • Curing Units
  • Beds
  • Room Furniture
  • Diagnostic Machinery
  • MRI Machine Moving
  • Medical Records
  • Shelving

Medical Office and Equipment Moving

  • Project management: We also have extensive experience working closely with independent third-party project managers on larger projects.
  • Storage: If you need storage space for existing or excess items, or storage for new products until your new space is completed, we can receive, provide detailed inventory and asset management, deliver, and install all items needed. We can also deliver individual items on short notice.
  • Ongoing facility support: Working with a mover who is familiar with the facility, staff, and time constraints of a particular office will save you ample time and money.
  • Removal and disposal of existing furniture and equipment.

Top-Rated Medical and Hospital Movers in PA

If you are looking for medical office moving services, hospital movers, medical equipment movers, or any other moving and storage service in the medical industry, O'Brien's Moving and Storage is the company to choose. Our extensive background in hospital moving and storage for medical facilities makes us a top-rated moving and storage company in Pennsylvania. Trust us to keep your schedule moving and ensure that no time is taken away from caring for your patients. Call or leave a quote to receive a free estimate today!


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