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Decluttering and Organization


Moving comes with a long list of must-do tasks, and at the top of the list is sorting through all of your valuable belongings and deciding what’s going with you to your new home.

Golden Age Moving Solutions is here to help you navigate the process of assessing, sorting, donating, and moving your household belongings.

Take the Stress Out of Decluttering and Organizing

For seniors moving, decluttering and organizing can be the most difficult parts of the transition. With years of precious memories and personal belongings tucked into the corners of your home, it can be a tedious, overwhelming process to sort through everything that you own—but we are here to help sort it out with you.

  • Paperwork and Documents: Years of paperwork are a challenge to deal with when moving, and our professional team knows how to process, pack, and manage all of your essential documents so you know what to keep and what to shred.
  • Household Goods: You’ll work with our team as we sort through your items and help you decide what to keep, discard, or donate—we can then arrange for pickup of donated goods and any trash or recycling left behind!

Start-to-Finish Service for an Easy Move and a Decluttered Home

After the initial sorting and decluttering is handled, we help you move to the next stage of the process—helping to ensure everything is in the proper place, so you can be comfortable and confident with your move.

Whether you need help making your home look beautiful for potential buyers or need assistance with packing and organization, we’re there for you with our long list of services:

  • Moving creates a lot of trash and piles of unwanted items. We contract with a trash removal company to remove any unwanted items.
  • If you have decided to get rid of certain items and would like to try and sell some of them, we will set up an auctioneer to come to your home to determine which items he will sell for you.
  • If you would like to donate any items, we can provide sources to help.
  • We contract with a full-service cleaning company to get your home spotless from top to bottom.

Assistance with organization can be the key to a successful and stress-free relocation. The help you need to sort, organize, and transport your belongings is available at Golden Age Moving Solutions, a division of O’Brien’s Moving & Storage. Call us or request a call-back online today.

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