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In this extended economic downturn that we are currently in, consumers are trying to save every penny they can. This certainly holds true in the moving industry. More frequently, consumers are turning to illegal movers and/or just getting internet or phone quotes. Always keep your eyes open to deals that sound "too good to be true". If you have contacted a supposed mover who is giving you a phone quote only, or if you are getting very low internet quotes, it should raise a red flag in your head.

Signs Of A Bad Mover

Are you uncertain of the warning signs of deceitful moving companies? Here are some truths about the dishonest moving companies you will find online:

  • Licensing – Most of these movers are not licensed. If they are not licensed they are not monitored or regulated by any governing body. Who are you going to turn to when they break their promises?
  • Pricing – Estimates mean nothing to these companies, In fact, they will most likely tell you what you want to hear to get the job. If they aren’t licensed, what recourse do you have when the actual bill is much higher than the estimate?
  • Insurance – The majority of illegal movers do not carry the proper insurance for damage to your goods. Even if they show you some flimsy insurance certificate it doesn’t mean it is legitimate cargo insurance, or that the amount of coverage is adequate. Worse yet, many times these damage claims end up disputed. Once again, who are you going to file a complaint with?
  • Staff – The quality of the moving staff should go without saying. Most of these companies usually pay their workers cash. They can’t put them on a legitimate payroll and pay taxes because they are an illegal company. Therefore, these workers do not pay taxes, do not have benefits, are not subject to background checks, and many times do not have workmen’s compensation(or inadequate coverage if they do). You cannot obtain legitimate workmen’s compensation from an insurance company without an actual payroll – which is audited every year. So who is liable if they are injured in your house or on your property, or even if they fall off the truck ramp? Just ask yourself, which worker would you want showing up at your house, handling your prized possessions? An under-the-table, cash worker, or a payroll, fully insured employee?
  • Physical Location – Most illegal movers or internet quotes do not have an actual location or warehouse (not their house). If the company you hired disappears or disappears with your items on move day (or any other problem), you are out of luck. They can shut down their website or phone number instantly and are gone.

*Important Note: If the PA PUC, NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, or the FMCSA finds out that an illegal mover is performing your move, they will show up on a moving day and halt your move. Imagine if this happens when you have closing on your house, or if your current lease has expired!

The O'Brien's Advantage

At O’Brien’s Moving and Storage, we are proud to disclose all of this information to you! There is no smoke and mirrors with us:

  • We proudly display our licensing numbers all over our website. Our Public Utility License number in Pennsylvania is 94076. Our New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs number is 00652. Our Interstate Commerce Commission number is ICC MC 14735.
  • We send a professional estimator out to your house to provide you with an on–site quote, after assessing your belongings, entrances and exits, stairs, attics, basements, etc. We don’t play games when it comes to pricing. Wouldn’t you prefer that a professional actually sees your furniture at your location?
  • We perform complete background checks, and Megan’s Law checks, and require all employees to participate in a regulated drug and alcohol program. We thoroughly train our employees and all of our estimators are required to become Certified Moving Consultants through the American Trucking Associations' Moving & Storage Conference.
  • We post reviews from our customers in order for you to check us out.
  • We have 3 fully insured, secure facilities to serve you. You are welcome to come and check out any of our operations.

For additional information please consult the following resources:

When selecting a moving company it serves you best to avoid illegal/pirate movers. O'Brien's Moving & Storage is dedicated to providing high-quality moving services as reflected in our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you have additional questions or need more information feel free to call us at 800-729-9340.

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