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As a business owner, I have over 18 years of experience as an interior designer and staging expert. My passion has always been design, but over the course of my career I have discovered many of my clients needed help navigating the later in life transitions. I’ve moved over 13 times in my adult life! I understand the emotional and stressful aspects involved in moving.

But as passionate as I am about design, I find more joy and reward in helping my clients move forward into their new life. Working with my senior moving clients over the past several years has made me realize, that’s what it’s all about – easing the stress of transition and then carrying that idea through until the last picture is hung and they’re sitting in their new home with a smile on their face. When a client tells me I have taken the load off of your shoulders and they can sleep well, I have done my job. Most of my clients have become my friends and I enjoy hearing from them. If I get a hug at the end of a move it’s the icing on the cake.

Partnering with O’Brien’s Moving & Storage was a natural fit from the start. O’Brien’s offers consistently reliable and caring service. Our team approach is to make sure we give the best possible customer service without costing you a fortune, beginning with your first free consultation.

Lisette Dell’Apa
Senior Moving Manager
Golden Age Moving Solutions


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