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Cold Weather Service

There are specific items that may require special handling and servicing when transported in freezing temperatures. These recommendations are based on third-party service experiences as well as manufacturers' recommended procedures for cold weather service. In some cases, next-day service is recommended to give item(s) time to acclimate to room temperature. The goal is to reduce property damage and damage to the transferee's possessions.

  • Waterbed Mattress: It is virtually impossible to completely drain a waterbed mattress. Residual moisture will freeze inside the mattress. Attempting to handle a vinyl mattress before it reaches room temperature can cause cracking or force ice chips through the material, rendering the mattress unusable. The mattress should remain in its box at room temperature for at least 12 - 24 hours before handling or filling.
  • Washing Machine: Even when the pump is drained at the origin, the washer will always maintain some water in the mixer valve, pump housing, and internal hose areas. Attempting to operate the machine while this water is frozen can result in damage to belts, pump impeller, hoses, and other components. The operating temperature should be above 60°F.
  • Gas & Electric Dryers: When subject to freezing temperatures, igniters and heating elements become brittle. Attempting to operate the dryer will cause a sudden temperature change and may damage internal parts. The operating temperature should be above 60°F.
  • Refrigerators - Icemaker: A refrigerator may be plugged in on delivery day. The icemaker, however, should not be connected to the water supply for at least 12 - 24 hours after delivery. Even when the system is serviced properly at the origin, residual moisture in the solenoid valve, supply lines, and cold water reservoir may be frozen and will restrict normal operation. If the cold water reservoir is not drained at the origin, it may be frozen solid and damaged. Hairline cracks in the water reservoir housing may go undetected on delivery day. It is prudent to let all components of the icemaker system reach operating temperature so a thorough system check can be completed after hooking up the water supply.
  • Water Softeners/Reverse Osmosis Systems: Residual water in supply tanks will freeze and units will not operate properly until thawed. The units should be allowed to reach room temperature before installation.
  • Grandfather Clocks: Freezing temperatures cause the oil in the pivot points to gum up. Delicate metal components will contract and restrict the operation of moving parts in the mechanism. Attempting to set up clocks on delivery day in cold weather will usually result in a second service call. The clock should be allowed to reach room temperature before setting the mechanism in beat.
  • Personal Computers/Audio Video Equipment: Condensation caused by extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc on the high-tech circuitry of today's electronics. PCs, VCRs, TVs, stereos, etc. must acclimate to room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to connecting the equipment to AC power.

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