Small town burger joints are an American tradition as much as apple pie or Sunday football. There are entire television shows dedicated to finding the best places for a burger throughout the nation. Like many other American towns, Kutztown has their own hidden gems when it comes to finding the best burgers. Whether you are just moving to Kutztown or have lived here for years, get yourself out to these restaurants for some traditional American comfort food.

Kutztown Burger Joints

Golden Avalanche Brewing Company – Paired with locally brewed beer, the Avalanche burger is the perfect way to start any weekend.  Golden Avalanche’s menu hosts a wide variety of burgers to fulfill any palate.  Don’t get it confused though! This brewery also is commonly known as Kutztown Tavern.

Spuds – A hotspot for locals and university students alike, Spuds is the place to indulge in a juicy, mile high burger.  From lunch to late night, Spuds will custom-make you a burger that you can’t find anywhere else.  With four different tiers of options for toppings, you can put virtually anything on your burger!

While our Kutztown movers handle the heavy lifting, take a well-deserved break at one of these burger joints.  We are the Kutztown moving company you can count on for smooth and seamless relocation.