It’s no secret that Berks County is an amazingly historic place. Located just outside of Philadelphia and Allentown – two meccas for industrial development – Berks County was and continues to be a major player in the United States’ economy.

If you’re planning a move to Berks County or already have the privilege of living here, you’ll find that the Heritage Center is a hidden gem, filled with insightful exhibits and authentic pieces from the past. Below, we’ll outline some of the most iconic things that you’ll want to check out during your visit.

A Step in the Past, Filled with Rich History

Walking into the Berks County Heritage Center is a blast to the past. With so many antique pieces and exhibits, it’s tough not to feel like you’ve stepped into a prior century. The Heritage Center, which is technically a park, is a 50-acre site maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. It’s home to countless historical buildings that were once key landmarks in Berks County.

Gruber Wagon Works is one of the most impressive displays. This company once served the local community, making box and hay flat wagons for farmers and artisans. Tours are available of Gruber Wagon Works every hour, with the last tour being offered at 3 p.m. Another important exhibit in the Berks County Heritage Center is the Distelfink Statue. This 7-foot-tall well-known piece was created by the famous artist Ramon Lago, a local Berks County resident up until the last two decades of his life.

Besides these two main exhibits, there is still plenty to explore at the center. Some of the smaller but equally as enjoyable parts include the:

  • Wertz Covered Bridge
  • Deppen Cemetery
  • Melcher’s Grist Mill
  • Epler’s One-Room School House
  • Mildred the Houseboat

No matter what you see during your time at the center, you’ll be blown away by the pristine condition everything is still in, giving a sense of authenticity that is hard to find anywhere else.

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