When to Tip Movers

We often get asked by our customers if it is standard to tip the movers, and if so how much. Our response is yes, provided the following occurred:

  • The moving crew showed up on time, or if they were running late you were notified.
  • They were polite and courteous.
  • They worked hard and did not take extended breaks.
  • They took very good care of your furniture and residence.
  • They moved all of your items and were responsive to any requests you had.

Okay, so we did all that. How do you tip and how much? Some basic guidelines:

On a one-day local move, $20 to $30 per mover is typical. If it is a multi-day move, you may want to consider $20 per mover per day. For a long-distance move, it can be around $50 per mover for loading, and then again $50 for delivery.

When to Tip More

  • If the items were extremely heavy.
  • If there were a lot of stairs.
  • If parking was an issue and required a longer carry distance for the items.
  • There were delicate items that required extra care.
  • If weather conditions were tough, including extreme heat or cold, snow, rain, strong winds, etc.
  • The crew went above and beyond.

Am I required to tip? No. Tipping is at the customer’s discretion. Also, at no time should any crew member EVER solicit a tip. If this occurs, please let our office or your sales rep know immediately.

Note: Most of our crews bring food and water and usually go to lunch (a lunch break is factored into the move). However, it is very much appreciated when a customer offers them drinks or snacks, particularly when it is hot/humid out.