The historical Crystal Cave near Kutztown boasts of a rich history, dating all the way back to the 1800s. The cave was discovered in 1871, and a year later it was proclaimed “Pennsylvania’s Greatest Natural Wonder.” Exploring this beautiful underground attraction became a tradition for area residents, and 2022 marked this must-see destination’s 150th anniversary of the “Grand Illumination” in which the cave was first opened to the public.

Celebrate Crystal Cave and Discover Kutztown

The celebration was met with much enthusiasm, attracting about 900 sightseers – including both local Kutztown-area residents and visitors. Among these included grandparents who fondly recalled visiting the cave with their own grandparents, and now they had their little ones in tow.

The event included cave tours, live music and performances, and the local high school juggling club put on an impressive show as well.

That’s not all. Visitors also enjoyed snacking at an ice cream parlor, exploring the cave’s museum, and panning for gemstones. It was a blast from the past for all ages, and cave tours are sure to be a favorite family tradition for many years to come.

If you’re moving to Kutztown, then be sure to plan a trip to Crystal Cave yourself! The whole family is sure to have a great time, and who knows, this might be the beginning of new tradition of your own.

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