Few areas of the United States have been the birthplace of more monumental innovation than Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. The region was first settled in the first half of the 18th century by German immigrants and for over 100 years remained as a sleepy pioneer town in the newly formed colonial states. At the onset of the industrial revolution, however, Lehigh Valley underwent a massive transformation into a region marked by progress and industry.

With the opening of the Lehigh Canal in 1827, this area was exposed to a national economy that it was previously unaware of. As such, countless companies began to set roots in Lehigh. Nearly 200 years later, Lehigh Valley is still making shockwaves as a leader in the industrial world. What exactly is the valley known for? Here are some of the top inventions that have come out of the Lehigh Valley over the previous centuries.

Notable Innovations that Came Out of Lehigh Valley, PA

Shortly after the region was settled, inhabitants got to work. The nation's first municipal water system was created in Lehigh Valley, where a mechanical pump rerouted 1.2 million gallons of water every day to various cisterns throughout the town.

Even at the beginning of the industrial revolution, the Lehigh Valley was a major player in the manufacturing game. The world's first "H" beam was created here. This beam expanded on the engineering of the I beam and was pivotal in the development of skyscrapers throughout Eastern United States cities. The highly-recognized Dixie cups that hold the delicious Boston ice cream were also created in the region. Bethlehem Steel is perhaps the most famous employer in the region, enjoying decades of high-output manufacturing and supplying the community with thousands of jobs.

As modernity ushered its way in, production did not slow down in Lehigh Valley. The first solid-state transistor was created by Bell Labs in Allentown in 1947. This influential creation eventually led to the development of microprocessing chips that are now used in computers worldwide. On a more casual note, the world's first digital organ was manufactured here - a huge predecessor to the electronic keyboards we see today.

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