A recent article by Ryan Mulligan in the Philadelphia Business Journal (People Are On the Move from PA, NJ) discussed how more people left Pennsylvania in 2021 than any other state, and New Jersey wasn’t far behind. 

While PA saw the most people exiting, the trend isn’t statewide. Philadelphia and Harrisburg topped the state for growth. Other cities, including King of Prussia, Malvern, and Norristown also saw growth.

States with the most incoming moves are in the southern part of the country or in rural areas in Vermont, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Many making a move are seeking out more favorable weather and lower taxes. Other states seeing the most people exiting include high-tax states, including MA, NY, and DE.        

Why the Interstate Moving Boom?

In addition to lower taxes and fairer weather, those moving are also opting for lower-density areas and moving closer to family. The pandemic played a role in the number of people moving as record numbers of workers are now remote and able to work from anywhere in the country.

Lower costs of living, a more laid-back lifestyle, and lower crime are attractive to those once tied to an office in a big city. Now that they have the freedom to make such a move, many are packing up and heading for a lifestyle that was once not possible until retirement.

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