O’Brien’s Moving and Storage has been one of Pennsylvania’s top moving companies since 1928, so we’ve seen our fair share of moving trends over the last century. One of the biggest changes we’ve noted in recent years is the explosion of household moving activity in the rural areas of Pennsylvania.

Recent research from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania bears out this personal experience, too. A study of COVID-19 housing prices found marked growth in the number of families moving to five counties in Pennsylvania in particular:

What Are the Effects of Growth in Rural PA?

According to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, the explosion of families moving to these five counties has led to several clear effects:

  • Increased median home prices
  • Increased number of home sales
  • Increased percentage of residential property transfers

While these trends were noted across the board when comparing 2020 data to 2019 data, some PA counties were more impacted than others. Somerset County, for instance, saw median home prices double during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of higher home sale prices, more real estate transfer taxes are being collected, which can be used to improve the quality of municipal/county services in rural areas. Similarly, higher assessed property values and more home sales have boosted public school tax revenues—helping to offset the added costs of virtual schooling and other COVID-related expenditures.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Rural Pennsylvania?

Most experts agree that the COVID-19 pandemic was a major impetus for families looking to relocate out of big cities. As remote work became more normalized and the need for an office commute was eliminated, many PA families found city life to be less convenient in general. Working from home (and generally staying indoors for longer periods of time) also led many to realize that their homes were simply too small or lacked comfortable amenities.

Larger homes in less populated areas tend to offer more living room for a lower price, making a potential household move to rural Pennsylvania far more attractive. Even families from as far as Texas have made the move up to these areas!

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