If you’re considering buying a home in Pennsylvania, you’ve got more to think about than just the listing price of the property or the cost of your move. To make a smart investment, it’s also important to consider property taxes.

How do Pennsylvania’s average property taxes stack up to other states? A recent study by the NAHB Economics and Housing Policy Group has answered this question.

Pennsylvania Ranks 15th in Real Estate Taxes in the Country

According to the NAHB analysis, Pennsylvania ranks 15th highest in terms of average real estate taxes for owner-occupied homes (at a total average of $3,402 per year). That puts the Keystone state well below several neighboring states, with the Lehigh Valley in stark contrast to the #1 just east.

Ranked from highest to lowest taxes, the top 20 list is as follows:

  1. New Jersey    $8,687
  2. Connecticut    $6,593
  3. New York    $6,410
  4. New Hampshire  $5,843
  5. Massachusetts  $5,495
  6. Illinois      $5,186
  7. California    $5,099
  8. Rhode Island    $4,661
  9. Vermont    $4,638
  10. Texas    $4,088
  11. Washington  $4,019
  12. Maryland    $3,923
  13. Oregon    $3,583
  14. Wisconsin    $3,576
  15. Pennsylvania    $3,402
  16. Nebraska    $3,169
  17. Virginia    $3,042
  18. Minnesota    $2,969
  19. Maine    $2,946
  20. Ohio    $2,910

The rankings above are based on the effective property tax rate in each state, expressed as a dollar amount per $1,000 of home value. This calculation controls for differing property values to help ensure an accurate comparison across different states.

The NAHB notes that from 2016 to present, the top five highest-taxed states have remained exactly the same.

How Does PA Compare to Neighboring States?

If you’re making a relatively local move into Pennsylvania, then the states of greatest interest are those that border us. So how do our neighbors compare in terms of real estate taxes? Here’s the breakdown of our six closest states:

  • New Jersey: #1 highest real estate taxes (average $8,687 per year)
  • New York: #3 highest real estate taxes (average $6,410 per year)
  • Maryland: #12 highest real estate taxes (average $3,923 per year)
  • Ohio: #20 highest real estate taxes (average $2,910 per year)
  • Delaware: #38 highest real estate taxes (average $1,788 per year)
  • West Virginia: #49 highest real estate taxes (average $815 per year)

At a ranking of 15, Pennsylvania is right in the middle!

While the average cost of property taxes is important to know, these figures are just one aspect of property taxation. Each state also differs in who collects the taxes (state vs. local governments), how the taxes are used, and how the taxes are supplemented by other types of taxation and government revenue. All of these factors can impact the total cost and quality of life.

In Pennsylvania, property taxes are assessed at the county level. That means that you could see a widely varying rate depending on the PA county you move to. Check with your realtor or a tax professional for current information on Lehigh County tax rates. Overall, the Lehigh Valley is known for a high quality of life and relatively affordable cost of living.

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