Building a home has gotten more complicated and more expensive over the past couple years, mostly thanks to the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. This has left many residents wondering if now is the right time to go through the building process at all.

Our experts at O’Brien’s Moving & Storage are here to give you a bit more insight on the topic, so you can make the right choice. As a professional Lehigh Valley moving company, we stay up to date on the housing market to help better prepare you for wherever life takes you.

Here’s what you need to know about the riding cost of new construction projects and how it connects to the rising cost of relocating, too.

Shortages and Expenses Caused by COVID-19

Trust us, we know you’re probably tired of hearing about COVID-19, but it’s no secret that the pandemic has had on lasting effect on a wide range of work sectors, including the construction and moving industries. We’ll briefly talk about both.

New Construction Projects

Many home buyers are canceling their contracts for new construction projects as prices for lumber and other building materials. On its own, this surge in material costs may not halt a construction process. However, this is also being compounded by a rise in mortgage rates, too. Altogether, this is not painting a pretty picture for anyone building their new home.

Local and Long-Distance Moves

Due to the many supply chain disruptions caused by job shortages and country-wide shutdowns, moving expenses across the board are rising. This includes packing and moving supplies as well as the gas for moving trucks. All this together has significantly raised the cost of relocating, especially for long-distance moves.

About Our Local Lehigh Valley Movers

At O’Brien’s Moving & Storage, we work hard to ensure our prices are as affordable as possible for our customers. Our Lehigh Valley movers have been in business since 1928, so we know how to make even the most complicated moves as convenient as possible.

Plus, we’re an agent for Allied Van Lines and a ProMover with the American Moving & Storage Association, which means we have all the skills and resources at our disposal to assist you through every step of your relocation. Some of our services include…

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…and so much more!

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