Considering a move to the Lehigh Valley? While our area is known for its affordable cost of living and great amenities, it’s worth taking a look at nationwide housing trends before you commit to a new region. Keep reading to find out what housing market experts are projecting for 2021, both in the Lehigh Valley and nationwide.

Trend #1: More Affordable Options

As workers continue to telecommute, many families are relocating to the suburbs and even to more rural areas—both of which are abundant throughout the Lehigh Valley. Working from home has expanded living opportunities for many, especially those looking for more affordable starter homes.

In response, home builders are expanding their offerings across the board, from entry-level single-family homes to high-end apartments and condos. With far more geographic areas available to many families, builders can offer better properties at a much lower cost than before.

Trend #2: Better Amenities

We’ve all spent more time in our homes over the last year, and it’s resulted in a lot of home improvements—and home improvement wish lists! Home builders are responding to these expanded needs by offering properties with better built-in amenities, such as:

  • Dedicated work-from-home spaces
  • More flexible floor plans, combining open areas with nooks that can be secluded at will
  • Larger floor plans for multi-purpose, multi-person use
  • Improved ventilation and air filtering

Many builders are also prioritizing eco-friendly, non-toxic building materials in response to society’s greater concern for health.

Trend #3: More Virtual Appointments

Home buying and building have traditionally been a very in-person experience, but COVID-19 shifted that immediately. In every market nationwide, more builders and real estate firms are offering:

  • Virtual meetings with long-distance buyers
  • Virtual open houses
  • Video-based tours
  • Remote document signing

The virtual trend isn’t limited to housing, either!

At O’Brien’s Moving & Storage, we made virtual estimates a priority as soon as COVID-19 hit—and our Lehigh Valley movers continue to offer them today. Through a virtual estimate, you can remain safely indoors with no personal contact and still get a detailed, accurate quote for a local or long-distance move.

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