COVID-19 has changed each of our personal lives in significant ways—and as a result, entire communities and regions are being changed, too! These major changes are certainly evident here in the Lehigh Valley, especially within the local housing market.

What do these societal shifts mean for our cherished part of Eastern Pennsylvania?

Changes in the Lehigh Valley Housing Market

The COVID-related work-from-home shift—and its projected increase in the future—has led to big changes in where people are choosing to move, not only here in Pennsylvania but across the country.

The Lehigh Valley has long attracted young families and working professionals thanks to our low cost of living and family-friendly environment, and even more people have flocked to the surrounding areas over the last year and more.

The good news?

Nationwide, economists project that the increase in working from home will give home buyers many more options for affordable housing. Through telecommuting, people can move away from the densely packed, very expensive urban areas and into more welcoming, cost-effective environments—just like the Lehigh Valley.

For local residents, these population shifts do bring some challenges as well, as the median home sale price has increased by $25,000 in the last year alone. Because the housing inventory has not kept pace with the number of newly interested buyers, the prices of homes have been driven upward.

Still, if you’re coming from a high-cost-of-living area, then there’s no doubt about it: the Lehigh Valley has never been a more attractive option! As housing prices settle in the future, the area will only grow more appealing to families, professionals, and retirees.

Need Trusted Movers in the Lehigh Valley, PA?

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