If last year has proven anything, it’s been that many office workers can continue doing their jobs from home and remain highly productive. In fact, a lot of people left the big metropolitan areas once thought of as the only places where you could obtain well-paid white-collar jobs to live in more affordable, quieter, and safer communities. Yet, they were still able to work from home.

This realization has millions of job holders looking to other areas of the country for a better quality of life, such as the Lehigh Valley Region. A lot of people have moved with the help for reputable movers in the Lehigh Valley, PA, area.

Our fast-growing trifecta of cities includes Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown. While other communities in the rust belt have suffered deflated economies in the recent years, Lehigh Valley has been booming consistently. The Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVED) stated that the tri-county area boasted a Gross Domestic Product of $41.2 billion per year in 2020.

Lehigh Valley Gaining Greater Presence on a National Stage

The growth of Lehigh Valley’s communities has not gone unnoticed o a national stage. It’s repeatedly mentioned by major organizations like Site Selection Magazine, Forbes, and The New York Times. In fact, the Times recently mentioned Lehigh Valley in their “Favorite Facts for 2020.

Lehigh Valley was #4 on their list of 74 facts from articles published by the Times in 2020. The fact was pulled from an article written by Patricia Cohen about the Valley’s growing economy. The fact the Times quoted from that article is:

“The Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania is within an eight-hour drive of one-third of American consumers.”

The quote references Lehigh Valley’s prime position within the U.S. supply chain. Multiple companies and brands have production facilities within the region, including Factory, Fresh Pet, OraSure, and Stuffed Puffs.

Lehigh Valley Convenient to Many Major Cities

It’s not just companies that can take full advantage of Lehigh Valley’s position in Eastern Pennsylvania. Many job holders live in the Lehigh Valley region and commute to surrounding cities as needed. This community is just a few hours away from major metropolitan areas.

For instance, you can get to Philadelphia from Lehigh Valley in an hour and ten minutes. It’s possible to reach New York City from Lehigh Valley in about an hour and a half. You could even make it to Pittsburgh in about four and a half hours for the occasional onsite meeting at work.

Lehigh Valley Long Distance Movers

Those who are looking for a family friendly community that is affordable and convenient to big cities can find it in the Lehigh Valley. If you are interested in moving here, be sure to use expert Lehigh Valley movers like, O’Brien’s Moving & Storage. We’ve served the community as a “courteous and dependable” Lehigh Valley moving company since 1928. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more about our services during a free consultation.