According to data collected from USPS, it’s been shown that more than 15.9 million people in the United States have moved since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many online platforms and news agencies are using data like this to prove there’s seemingly a mass exodus from major cities throughout the country. It’s been said that people are trying to escape significant percentages of positive COVID-19 numbers, or they’re looking for more affordable living arrangements.

The question is, however, is this really what’s going on?

While it’s undeniable that relocations are taking place, how do they measure up to the numbers from past years? As a leading Lehigh Valley moving company, O’Brien’s Moving & Storage is here to help clarify the situation.

Have the Moving Patterns of Americans Changed During the Last Year?

The data has detailed a clear rise in the number of people who chose to relocate during the last year. The severity of this spike in numbers, however, is more muddled.

Compared to 2019, when 1.9% of homeowners left major metropolitans for smaller towns, 2020 only saw that number rise to 2.2%. Of that number, it’s worth noting certain unknown variables.

For example, how many homeowners chose to temporarily relocate while being forced to work-from-home due to office closures? Another thing to consider is whether these homeowners simply moved to the surrounding suburbs of the major city they call home.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the 97.5% of homeowners who were living in major cities during 2020 and moved either relocated to a new home within that city (84.1%) or left for another big city (15.9%).

And, of course, certain regions have been experiencing declines in population while others have been growing. Here in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region just outside of the Philadelphia metro area, our beautiful communities – urban centers, suburban towns and rural areas – have been experiencing growth over the past years.

While it’s certainly possible that COVID-19 affected Americans' relocation habits, the shift from cities to towns doesn’t seem to be as noteworthy as you might believe.

Are People Moving from Philadelphia to Pottsville?

At O’Brien’s Moving & Storage, we think it’s worth noting what residents of our own big city have been doing throughout the pandemic. Data has shown, however, that only .8% of homeowners were moving to Pottsville, PA during 2020. This is a small increase from the 0.7% of individuals who did the same thing during 2019.

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