winter moving tips

It would be great if every move could take place in perfect, mild weather, but when you live in Pennsylvania, that’s not always possible. O’Brien’s Moving & Storage has served this area for nearly a century, so we’ve racked up some knowledge about how to deal with a cold-weather relocation.

Our Lehigh Valley movers are happy to share some of our best winter moving tips!

Be Flexible

While O’Brien’s Moving & Storage is known for our reliability, there have been times when dangerous road conditions left us no choice but to reschedule a move. If you’re relocating in winter, keep in mind that this is a possibility and make plans that are somewhat flexible.

Prepare Your Yard in Advance

Be sure that walkways and sidewalks are shoveled and salted before movers arrive. If it is supposed to snow the day of the move, keep extra salt on hand to add during the day. Also, consider putting up tarps to make sure fragile items, such as electronics, are fully protected from the snow.

Board Your Furry Family Members

It’s going to be cold in your house whether you choose to keep your furnace on during the moving process or not. Plus, many pets are stressed out by strangers coming and going, so it’s better for all involved to keep them happily distracted in an out-of-the-way area of your home playing with their pet sitter or let them spend the day with their furry friends at their favorite daycare, while the movers do their thing.

Pack a Bag of Essentials

Since winter weather is so unpredictable, there is always that chance of a delay. Pack a separate bag of essentials for each member of your family, so you’ll still have what you need.

Here are some examples of what to include:

  • A Change or Two of Clothes
  • Phone Chargers
  • Toys and Books for Kids
  • Any Needed Baby Supplies
  • Prescriptions
  • Contact Solution
  • Pet Supplies

Be Careful When Turning Off/On Utilities

You never know what time the utility company will turn the electricity and gas on or off, so don’t schedule those services for the day of the move. Instead, schedule the turn off for the day after the move and the turn on for the day before. This ensures you won’t have to deal with a lack of utilities and heat at either place.

Hire Professional Movers

One of the best ways to simplify a winter move is to leave it to the professionals. The most important part of your move is ensuring a qualified, licensed professional is providing expert service for your family. Be sure you know what to look for and what to watch out for, ensuring you avoid illegal movers and find a well qualified moving company.

As an award-winning mover serving our community since 1928, we have a longstanding history of quality service that has evolved to meet the growing needs of area residents. We provide moving support on any level you want, including everything from full service to a little help with the heavy lifting. We have completed thousands of winter moves, so we know how to best deal with any kind of inclement weather.

Be Considerate of Your Movers

Finally, if you were smart enough to hire professional movers, it’s a nice gesture to keep a pot of coffee going or to have a crockpot full of hot chocolate for them on the counter.

Check out our moving videos for additional tips and recommendations for your upcoming move.

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