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Those lucky enough to call Lehigh Valley home have long known this area is special—and now six million people from around the world know it as well. The Lehigh Valley was prominently featured in a recent issue of Delta’s in-flight magazine, Delta Sky

The piece, which included 26 pages, highlighted what residents have long known: That Lehigh Valley is an outstanding place to live and work. The passengers who board one of the 15,000 daily Delta flights will learn that Lehigh Valley is a leading economic area, and community leaders are thrilled to see it get the recognition it deserves.

Typically, the large features in Delta Sky are reserved for much larger cities, so it was an honor for Lehigh Valley to join the ranks of Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and other well-known cities. It’s also a testament to the fact that we are on par with those communities in many ways, and that’s something for which those who live and work here can be proud.

Did you know that:

  • The Lehigh Valley welcomes more than 15 million visitors a year.
  • This area is a bastion for higher learning, and is home to ten colleges and universities.
  • More than 15,000 businesses, including beloved brands like Crayola, Nestle, Peeps, and Georgia Pacific are found here.
  • Already one of the biggest economies in the state, the  Lehigh Valley’s GDP continues to rise.
  • The greater Lehigh Valley area has opportunities for year-round outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding.

As businesses and families realize the beauty and benefits of Lehigh Valley, more and more are making a move to the area. Visit once, and you’ll understand why.

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