Moving is an Essential Business, and we continue to operate with extra safety measures and new options for accurate moving quotes: remote estimates (video surveys). Additionally, our moving crews take all appropriate precautions, including PPE and social distancing, once they have to enter your home on moving day. Before then, we offer options to do everything remotely.

Virtual Estimates with Video Tools

As we continue to figure out how best to operate and continue to provide services in these unchartered waters due to Covid-19, our customers have been extremely pleased with the virtual estimate process we have been providing. O’Brien’s Moving & Storage can provide a complete inventory of your items, along with an estimated move cost, without having to come to your home.

Video estimates are easy:

  • We begin by scheduling – when you request a video estimate, we plan a time that suits your schedule for the video call. While there are many ways to accomplish this, we have found that Zoom, Google Duo (for Android phones), and especially FaceTime are the easiest ways to provide the inventory and estimate.
  • We call, and you start the process by showing us where to park our truck, and the entrance to your home.
  • The rest is just like we are there walking through your home with you. Show us each room, attics, basements, garages, steps, and whatever else you have while we input everything in our computer during the tour. Once you are done the tour, we will email you the estimate.

Schedule Your Video Survey

Our customers have found this process to be quite enjoyable. For more information or to schedule your virtual estimate, please call (800) 729-9340 or complete our virtual estimate request form – or simply request a quote and ask for a video survey when you schedule. During this difficult time, we’re working to make it easier.