Recently, O'Brien's Moving & Storage was notified that 3 of our long-time owner/operators have received the elite "Master Mover" status with Allied Van Lines. This is the most drivers we have ever had at Master Mover status in one period in our long, storied history. Based on the prior 12 month period, Allied Van Lines ranks their drivers based on individual surveys done with our customers as far as their level of performance and claims frequency.

High-Quality Moving Crew

There are 3 levels of drivers within the fleet: The regular fleet drivers that make up most of the fleet, the Top 20 drivers that are ranked in the top 20% of all drivers, and the Master Movers - the "cream of the crop," or top-rated drivers in the entire fleet. To attain Master Mover status, you have to earn a 4.7 or better rating out of 5 based on a minimum of 10 Quality Customer Surveys taken.

In addition, you must have a claims ratio of .00750 (that is .75 of 1%) or lower, and an excellent driver safety record for the prior 24 month period, along with no preventable accidents or major moving violations in the prior 12 month period. 

O'Brien's Master Movers

Edward Hanna, David Parisi, and Bret Remaly are now Master Movers, and they have all received this award previously !

  • Ed Hanna has 30 years of experience, all with O'Brien's and started with us in 1989.
  • Dave Parisi has 26 years of experience, mostly with O'Brien's, beginning as an hourly driver in 1997.
  • Bret Remaly has 23 years of experience, mostly with O'Brien's, beginning as a loader/helper in 1996 . 

We are extremely proud to recognize and congratulate all 3 drivers that insure that we provide the best moving services possible to our customers. These drivers were an important part of O'Brien's Moving & Storage being awarded the overall top quality hauling award for the current year, which is quite the honor!