senior moving services

Golden Age Moving Solutions was created to assist seniors in taking the next step in their lives. Usually the kids are out of the house, the lawn continuously needs to be cut, the landscaping and garden just doesn’t have the same charm it used to. Sometimes sudden or long-term health issues come up that have you looking to get out of your long time home. We get it! As president of O’Brien’s Moving & Storage, I see the need for more comprehensive solutions. We’re here to help.

More than Moving Services

We’ve partnered with an experienced senior moving consultant to assist you with the next step.

  • We will help you downsize, sort through what you want in your new, smaller home.
  • We will set up a disposal company for items you don’t want or need to keep, store any precious items you want to keep for your children, as well as move them to any location in the world when they are ready for them.
  • We will set up cleaning services if desired, and pack and unpack any or all items that you need help with.
  • We will move you to your new location, set up a design and stage any of your furniture and other belongings if you would like us to.

All of This Done by the Same Company

One company for everything. One contact throughout. No outsourcing the moving or storage. Seamless and complete control of the pricing. Believe me, it matters.

Why Golden Age Moving Services at O’Brien’s is Different

I have been with O’Brien’s Moving & Storage for over 30 years, and have been the owner since 1996. So I have quite a bit of experience in moving, packing, and working with independent senior moving consulting companies. It’s not always seamless, and what the consultant wants or promises does not always match up to what the mover wants or is obligated to do. So problems occur.

Just as important, myself and many of my friends have, or have had, aging parents that need, or needed, assistance in the transition to the next stage of their life. I was appalled at what was being charged for some of services, as were their realtors and many others involved. Hence, the reason O’Brien’s Moving & Storage started Golden Age Moving Solutions.

You or your parents should not be taken advantage of because of their situation. When you need senior moving services for yourself or a loved one, we will do as little or as much as is desired at a fair and reasonable price, with no hidden or exorbitant consulting fees.

Trust the company that has been doing this for over 90 years that can provide anything and everything you need – without costing you a fortune.

Rick Christ, President