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Northern Lehigh and Carbon counties were once known as the proud pillars of Pennsylvania's bustling coal industry. However, for decades now, these industrial towns have been struggling to keep up with the times. Since mining coal isn’t the same as it once used to be, these towns have had to lean on the area’s other bountiful natural resources instead—which happens to be the area’s thick forests, rich, flowing rivers, and beautiful trails.

The D&L Trail, for instance, is among their most famous tourist attractions, where people from across the state gather to spend the day with family and friends rafting, biking, and hiking. With hundreds of people coming to bask in the stunning beauty of the area, it was only a matter of time when business would start booming along the D&L Trail.

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About the D&L Trail

The outdoor recreation industry in Pennsylvania is big business. In fact, it rakes in a little more than $29 billion in a single year. With this in mind, the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor seeks to turn the D&L Trail into an economic development driver that will bring these Pennsylvania counties back on track to economic prosperity. After all, around 300,000 to 500,000 people come to this trail within a year.

Since its foundation back in 1988, Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor have managed the D&L Trail. What was once an economic engine as it transported industrial goods between Wilkes-Barre and Bristol, is expected to once again drive the economic development of the towns it passes through.

Calling All Businesses and Entrepreneurs

From cafés and distilleries to ice cream parlors and bed and breakfasts, the demand for such businesses only continues to rise. For this reason, those in the service and retail industry are encouraged to set up shop along the trail. One such business that heeded the call was the Lehighton Outdoor Center, a local business located just 50 feet from the entrance of the trail, owned by Lehigh Valley resident Jerry McAward.

The Lehighton Outdoor Center offers parking spaces for 300 vehicles and features a bicycle shop, a hiking gear store, a café, and two river businesses. Being in the outdoor recreations industry for 20 years now, McAward saw opportunities to earn and grow his business because of the trail and its many yearly visitors.

The Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor just months ago also sponsored a seminar entitled “Creating Your Own Trail Business,” which was held at McAward’s outdoor center. This seminar aimed to encourage and inspire small business and big players alike to try and see what the business opportunities that the D&L Trail has to offer.

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