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At the center of the Lehigh Valley, just 70 short miles north of Philadelphia, lies Bethlehem—a beautiful and historic city nestled into the scenic, hilly landscape of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Originally settled on Christmas Eve of 1741 by a small group of Moravians, this settlement has grown into the 7th-largest city in the state—yet many are still unaware of all of the benefits that it has to offer.

Making the List - Once Again

Unassuming, historic, and built around a small-town community of loyal residents, Bethlehem is quietly making its mark by providing an ideal location for families, retirees, and professionals alike to call home. 

Bethlehem has been recognized several times as a desirable place to live. This community has a lot to offer as a place to work, play and live - and a great destination to move to (or stay in) for an enjoyable retirement.

More recently, the advantages of living in Bethlehem were recently brought to the forefront with its inclusion on two lists:

  1. One of the “15 Most Underrated American Cities Worth a Visit” and 
  2. One of the “Safest Cities to Retire in America”

Safety and Quality of Life for Retirees in Bethlehem

Bethlehem was ranked #27 in’s list for “Safest Cities to Retire in America” for 2018 based on a wide range of criteria, including crime data, healthcare costs, elder protection laws, and the percentage of retirement-age residents that live here.  Identified as a “well-rounded city in regards to safety for retirement”, Bethlehem finished in the top 15% for lowest crime rate and below the national average when considering the costs of living and healthcare.

In the course of developing this list, 495 cities nationwide were ranked by the following methodology:

  • FBI City Crime Data – 50%
  • Average Retirement Age in State – 10%
  • Percentage of the City that is 65+ – 10%
  • Cost of Living in the City – 10%
  • Healthcare Costs – 10%
  • st Protective Elder Abuse Laws – 10% 

While a few cities in Florida lead the way with being the safest cities for retirement, Bethlehem was the second-highest ranking city in the state of PA—with only State College coming in higher at the #12 spot.

The Underrated Beauty and History of Bethlehem

While it might seem like an underhanded compliment, most residents of Bethlehem would get a smile from its inclusion on Reader Digest’s list of “15 Most Underrated American Cities Worth a Visit”. By taking the second-place spot on the list, Bethlehem was celebrated for its impressive community, cultural events, and rich historical past. A few of the key attractions brought up in the description of what makes Bethlehem worth a visit include:

  • Musikfest: As the largest free music festival in the country, Musikfest is celebrating 35 years of bringing performances by top names in the music industry to this small city.  Hosted over 10 days in August, there are over 450 performances scheduled during this exciting event.
  • Historical Landmarks: Whether you visit the National Museum of Industrial History or walk the Hoover-Mason Trestle, the historical legacy of Bethlehem makes it an ideal place to visit for anyone with an interest in the past.
  • Unique Dining: From the solarium-like atmosphere of 1741 on the Terrace to the local cuisine at Fegley’s Brew Works, there are more than enough dining choices in the city to satisfy even the most discerning palate. 

Supporting Local and Long-Distance Moves In and Around Bethlehem, PA

At O’Brien’s Moving & Storage, we aren’t surprised that people around the country are starting to take notice of all of the benefits that the Lehigh Valley offers, and we’ve served residents throughout the Bethlehem region since 1928. Our Bethlehem movers aren’t just familiar with the area—they are an integral part of the local community, and we are committed to doing our best to provide the friendly, professional, and affordable service needed to help you make a move to or from the area.

Whether you are considering buying your dream retirement home here or you are curious about learning more about what the area has to offer, contact O’Brien’s Moving & Storage today to discover more about how our Bethlehem moving company can give you a hand with your next move. 

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