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At the confluence of the Delaware River and the Lehigh River, you’ll find a small urban suburb that takes you a step back in time—while highlighting the best in modern developments. Easton, PA may have a modest population at just 27,000 residents, but this historic city has long been a hub of cultural and economic significance in eastern Pennsylvania. While modern-day Easton is a mix of historic structures and sleek, modern amenities, the true heart of the region comes from the community-wide commitment to preserving the past while looking towards the future. 

Where the Past Meets the Future: Easton’s Role in the Region’s History

In order to understand the enduring legacy of Easton, you need to go back over 280 years. In 1736, the tract of land that would eventually become Easton was surveyed by a son of William Penn and his partner. Forty years later, in 1776, the Centre Square was the location of one of three public readings of the Declaration of Independence—with Easton’s own George Taylor being one of the signers. Today, Centre Square still stands as a popular gathering place and vibrant business center.

This history of Easton continued to grow over the next two centuries, with the preservation of landmarks like George Taylor’s home and the emergence of new monuments and developments. In 1900, a 75-foot granite monument was erected in Centre Square to honor Easton veterans who died in the Civil War, while the Easton Farmer’s Market continues to operate today since its start in the mid-18 century.  

Bridging the Gap to a Modern Easton Economy

The history of Easton is at the core of the local community, but that doesn’t mean that this area is stuck in the past! The Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP) has made it a mission to focus on “economic well-being, historical integrity, programmatic development, vibrant culture, and urban hospitality”—which is no small task with the world’s fast-paced economy. 

As the executive director of the GEDP, Jared Mast has been at the forefront of the continued changes within the area. Instead of concentrating on “mega-projects”, he works towards improving the quality of life for local residents by focusing on what makes the area great. In order to do this, several organizations under the GEDP umbrella support the economic development of Easton, including:

  • Easton Main Street Initiative (EMSI) that focuses on the 20 blocks of the central business district of Easton by supporting its role as a college town.
  • Easton Ambassadors who work to maintain the quality of life or all residents, visitors, and business in Easton by helping out with essential tasks within the community. 

Over the last several decades, Easton has continued to grow and evolve with the times. Many landmarks have been revitalized and repurposed to better serve local residents, including the Grand Eastonian. This building was originally designed as a hotel in 1926, and after a stint as a condominium complex, now retains many of its original features to once again be a popular local hotel. Other area attractions include:

  • A 19.000-lb. bronze statue of Larry Holmes at the confluence of the rivers—celebrating the legacy of this local heavyweight boxing champion.
  • The Crayola Experience right in downtown Easton that is a popular family-friendly attraction.
  • The Northampton Community College Outreach Center that provides community education classes, youth programs, and support to local students.
  • Unique and exciting restaurants, like the Pearly Baker’s Alehouse, that give visitors and residents alike the chance to explore a wide range of delicious cuisine.  

While the size and location of Easton may not lend it to becoming a major corporate hub of the region, the authentic quality of life that area residents enjoy is more than enough to keep this city progressing towards an even greater future—and O’Brien’s Moving & Storage is excited to be a part of the evolution of this historic community.

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