Have you ever heard the story of how Levittown, PA was developed? Levittown, a planned community with a population of 52,983 (based on 2010 census), is located approximately 22 miles away from downtown Philadelphia and is generally recognized as the largest suburb of Philadelphia. Levittown is an especially new community compared to many other areas in Pennsylvania. Read on to learn how this unique community came to be!

Levittown Truly Is Levitt’s Town in Many Ways

The majority of the land that makes up Levittown was only purchased in 1951 by the builders Levitt & Sons (brothers William and Andrew Levitt). The brothers began development development in 1952 after the completion of Levittown, NY on Long Island. William Levitt himself is credited as being the creator of the American suburb, and his company was truly ahead of its time.

Levitt & Sons developed an elaborate assembly-line method of home building, wherein each worker only had one task and moved from house to house. Workers were actually able to produce a finished house every 16 minutes, and within six years they built 17,311 homes!

The Levitts were incredibly generous to the new community, donating land in each neighborhood for public schools, parks, pools, playgrounds, and churches. What was also unique about the setup of Levittown was that it was built as a complete community.

The community was laid out in 40 sections (or neighborhoods) of 50 to 940 homes each, and all streets were paved and devoid of four-way intersections. The names of the streets within each section uniformly begin with the same letter that begins the name of the section in question, making it very easy to determine where any particular street is located. In addition, they used “Edgely Road” as the dividing line, with “road” used for street names to the west and “lane” used for all streets to the east. As you can see, this was an extremely well thought out process, and the original setup of “Levittown” still exists today!

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