Covered Bridges of Bucks County

Pennsylvania is known for many things—from beautiful old growth forests and rolling mountains to a historical past that dates back to the founding of our great nation. Of all the counties in PA, Bucks County has been at the heart of the history and evolution of the area. In fact, it was founded way back in 1682 by Willian Penn as one of the three original counties! From its colonial and agricultural roots to its modern-day, technology-driven economy, Bucks County perfectly blends the old with the new, and there are still many landmarks throughout the region that highlight its rich past.

Of the many historical landmarks throughout Bucks County, there are few that offer the reprieve from the hustle of daily life like our local covered bridges. Originally built as a utilitarian tool for crossing creeks and hauling supplies across the area, the surviving covered bridges are now picturesque landmarks that offer an ideal place for picnicking, pictures, and time spent relaxing in the outdoors and connecting with the history of the region.

A Closer Look at the Bucks County Covered Bridges

Originally, Bucks County had over 50 covered bridges, but as time and the elements have taken their toll, only 12 of these original bridges remain. Over the years, many of these remaining bridges have been affected by fire, vandalism, and damage from storms and vehicles, but with the support of the local community, most of them have been restored back to their former glory.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the region’s popular bridges that you can discover when exploring the small towns and wooded regions of Bucks County:

  • Cabin Run Covered Bridge: Cabin Run Creek travels through scenic Plumstead Township, and it is named for the many cottages, cabins, and small houses that lined its banks back in the 19 century. Cabin Run Covered Bridge is located on appropriately named “Covered Bridge Road”, and it is one of two covered bridges that cross this creek—with the other being the Loux Covered Bridge. Built in 1871 and spanning 82 feet, this bridge provides you with a picturesque drive that can also take you near the historic Stover-Myers Mill!
  • Erwinna Covered Bridge: Most people think of covered bridges as being fairly large, but Erwinna Covered Bridge in the small town of Tinicum is a bit unique. As the shortest bridge in the county, coming in at just 56 feet long, it is also the only local bridge with lattice-type construction. Interestingly, the National Historic Register lists the construction date for the bridge as 1871, but local County records suggest it may have actually been built way back in 1832!
  • Schofield Ford Covered Bridge: Originally built in 1873 from native hemlock and oak, this 170 foot bridge is one of the great examples of the power a community has when it comes together. In 1991, the bridge was destroyed by fire, but raised funds from the local towns were able to give this bridge new life, and it was reopened to the public in 1997. With its location in Tyler State Park and its reputation for being the longest covered bridge in Bucks County, it remains a popular attraction for local residents and visitors.
  • We’ve highlighted only a few of our favorite bridges throughout the Bucks County region, but there is more left for you to discover! Be sure to plan a day to explore the other local covered bridges still standing, including Frankenfield, Knecht’s (also known as Slifer’s Bridge), Mood’s, Pine Valley, Sheard’s Mill, Uhlerstown, Van Sant, and South Perkasie!  

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