Cubicle farms are slowly disappearing as contemporary businesses transition to more open spaces. What does that mean for the modern office? An open floor space allows your employees to converse and share ideas more freely.

Of course, you'll also need to change out the old furniture and bring in the new with help from a commercial moving company. O'Brien's Moving & Storage helps businesses throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey with their moves and redecorating. 

What the Modern Office Looks Like

Offices of the past were often broken up into desk-sized blocks with cubicles featuring high walls and dividers. The goal? To give workers more privacy, but many just felt isolated and blocked in by the design. Today's concept is exactly what it sounds like, more open!

Gathering areas for relaxation or informal discussion resemble a waiting area or perhaps living room with comfortable couches and snack bars. Meetings are held in well-lit rooms at large tables with the most cutting-edge tech placed on the walls.

Those who seek privacy can still find it at tables with low glass panels and in small rooms, and hidden nooks and crannies skillfully installed around the office. But, the main purpose is to create an open, collaborative team environment that appeals to younger adults.

Benefits of Open Spaces

The office redesign offers many plusses for employers. It encourages collaboration and creativity. Employers find that these spaces are more appreciated by younger adults too. Businesses are trying to create a work environment where millennials want to be. 

Some new tech brought in by commercial moving companies can even improve employee ergonomics. Adjustable standing desks and no assigned work areas encourage employees to stand up and move around. Businesses are recognizing that sitting all day in the same position is unhealthy.

Drawbacks of Open Spaces

Not all employers embrace the new concept. Some feel it is less productive and their employees complain about noise and lack of privacy. These issues can be smoothed over with more quiet spaces and enclosed rooms. Designers are also installing noise buffer systems to reduce sound travel throughout open office areas.

While the new design and furniture may not be a good fit for all companies, O’Brien’s Moving & Storage firmly embraces the concept. When you need an office moving company to help remove old furniture and install new furniture and equipment, reach out to us online or by phone. We'll be happy to provide your business with a free price quote.