State Parks in the Pocono Mountains Area

The state of Pennsylvania is rich with scenic beauty and historical sites, and the stunning Pocono Mountain area in Eastern PA is one of the hidden gems of the state. Whether you are a local resident looking for a way to escape the bustle of daily life or are considering a relocation to the Poconos region, there are several state parks nestled amongst the forested hills that give you the perfect excuse to disconnect with technology and reconnect with the natural world.

Beltzville State Park

For those attempting to find a quick daytrip to the heart of the forest, Beltzville State Park provides everything you need for a day of outdoor adventures. Located in the southern foothills of the Poconos, this state park spans over 3,000 acres and is open every day of the year—from sunrise to sunset.

Although you won’t find any camping facilities within the park boundaries, there is plenty to do for all members of your family, including:

·  Swimming: Beltzville Lake covers 949 acres of the park, and a large sand beach is open from late-May through mid-September. Food and refreshments can be found at the concession booth within the swimming area, and you’ll likely have the chance to observe the migrating waterfowl that frequent this pristine lake!

·  Picnicking: The Pine Run West Day Use Area is a picturesque spot for a summer-day picnic, and the area comes complete with clean restrooms, picnic tables, and an ADA-accessible playground for the young members of your family.

·  Fishing and Boating: Pohopoco Creek feeds into Beltzville Lake and it is well known for its excellent trout fishing. The lake itself is stocked with a variety of game fish and panfish, and it’s also a popular spot for anglers to try out their skills. For those who want to enjoy a leisurely boat ride, most types of recreational boats are allowed to be used in the area.

·  Hiking: There’s no better way to get back to your roots than a hike through the woods, and 15 miles of trails wind through the forest, creek valleys, and fields of the area. If history interests you, don’t miss Saw Mill Trail, and waterfall enthusiasts will love the view of Wild Creek Falls from Falls Trail.

While there’s no doubt that Beltzville State Park is an exciting summer destination, there’s also no shortage of late-season fun! From ice fishing and cross-country skiing to game hunting, there is plenty to enjoy year-round in this beautiful region.

Promised Land State Park

On the Pocono Plateau, 1,800 feet about sea level, lies expansive Promised Land State Park—and this local gem lives up to its name! Approximately 3,000 acres in size but surrounded by over 12,400 acres of Delaware State Forest, you can spend weeks exploring the natural beauty of this well-rounded state park. Like Beltzville State Park, Promised Land is open year-round from sunup to sundown, and the there are several features that you can’t miss when planning a visit: 

  • Versatile Lakes - This state park boasts two natural lakes located within a stunning woodland setting. Promised Land Lake lies next to the Day Use Picnic Area—making it a family-friendly spot for swimming, grabbing a bite to eat at the refreshment stand, or playing at the playground or volleyball court. For a more remote beach, check out Pickerel Point Beach at the end of Pickerel Point!
  • Excellent Fishing Holes - You can fish year-round at both Promised Land Lake and Lower Lake, and anglers have the chance to catch everything from large bass and muskies to sunfish and catfish. If trout is more your style, head to Lower Lake, which is an approved trout waters and stocked with rainbow, brook, and brown trout.
  • Miles of Hiking Trails - Hiking trails are never in short supply at Promised Land State Park, and avid hikers can explore over 50 miles of trails that wind through the park and neighboring Delaware State Forest. Rich with amazing scenery, you’ll find everything from a natural glacial lake on Bruce Lake Trail to beautiful waterfalls on Little Falls Trail. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the native flowers and plants that are in full bloom throughout late spring and early summer!
  • Comfortable Camping Areas - There are six camping areas located throughout the park, which range from rustic sites to full-service hookups. You can stay up to 14 days in the heart of summer, and there are even camping cottages available for those that prefer a bit of home-style comfort while spending a long weekend out in the forest.

While most people come to Promised Land State Park to explore the natural scenery of the region, there are also a number of opportunities to connect with local history within its boundaries! As one of the largest Civilian Conservation Corps museums, The Masker Museum is a great place to enjoy animal displays, interactive features, and a bird observation area.  

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