There are many wonderful places across the US to call home. Some offer unbelievable natural wonders, while others offer bustling downtown spaces. Unfortunately, not all locations offer the complete package. Some of the most popular cities are also the most expensive, and with mortgages getting harder and harder to snag, what’s a hopeful homebuyer to do?

You don’t have to settle into a home you don’t like on the outskirts of a town you can’t stand in the name of finally owning a home. You can settle in right here in Allentown, PA, and our Allentown Movers can help! Because we’re residents of Eastern Pennsylvania, we know what a gem Allentown is.

Here’s what makes Allentown the most undervalued housing market in the US.

Houses Are Affordable and Mortgages Are Available

Affordability is key. First-time home buyers made up just 32 percent of all buyers in 2015, which was down from 33 percent in 2014. One of the reasons is that houses are becoming more and more out of reach for the average American.

This isn’t necessarily the case in Allentown. The median price of a home is just $188,000, which makes it one of the most affordable places to purchase a home in the Northeast. Mortgages are actually available here as well. Lenders are less leery of giving first-time homebuyers a chance than they are in other areas.

You Can Find a Job in Allentown

Moving, only to find out you moved to a poor job market, is a nightmare that no one wants to wake up to. It’s not something you need to worry about when you allow our Allentown moving company to help you settle into the area.

Allentown boasts a lower than average unemployment rate. At around five percent, as a matter of fact. Not to mention, it’s predicted that job growth will exceed five percent in the near future. Allentown even hosts multinational companies, like Pennsylvania Power and Light and Air Products & Chemicals, that are always looking for good employees.

Not only can you move into an affordable home with your family, you’ll have a good job to help pay for the mortgage when you move to Allentown.

Allentown Is a Great Place to Live

Affordable housing, available mortgages, and a low unemployment rate aren’t everything. You don’t want to pick up and move your family to a boring, dull, or dangerous city.

Allentown scores high when it comes to livability. There are plenty of restaurants, reputable schools, retailers, health care facilities, and arts and entertainment venues for residents to enjoy, but that’s not all.

Although you may have heard that Allentown is a bit grungy, nothing could be further from the truth. There are more parkland areas here than in any other city of the same size in the US. Not to mention, it is the state’s fastest-growing wine region, and it boasts the highest beer production by volume.

Make Allentown Your Home

Ready to settle into your very own home in a town that has endless opportunities for your whole family? Our moving company in Allentown can help!

Our residential movers offer a wide range of customizable services that are perfect for any budget, and as an agent for Allied Van Lines, we can move you here from anywhere in the US. Just give us a call or fill out our custom online form to get your free estimate!