These days, maintaining a green facility is more important than ever. At O’Brien’s Moving, we remain dedicated to being the premier green moving company serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 2015 alone, O’Brien’s Moving was proud to recycle over 8 tons of cardboard and paper.

As reliable and efficient eastern PA movers, we recognize the importance of providing unique moving solutions while also seeking to reduce and reuse the necessary items a move requires. We truly believe in doing everything we can to keep our environment both healthy and continual.

Green Movers

How else do we seek to stay green?

For all moving materials, we simply try to recycle as much as we can. We recycle all cardboard boxes that items are packed in, and also use a bailer to both compact and band the cardboard, making it easier for pickup. We try to continually reuse when possible, and this extends to more than just boxes.

At O’Brien’s Moving, we recycle any plastic tape and stretch wrap that is typically used for furniture protection, etc. This green initiative extends beyond our moving trucks as well.

In the O’Brien’s Moving office, we continually recycle aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard items, computer paper, and folders in order to help the environment. As a Lehigh Valley Chapter IFMA member, we continually seek to maintain green solutions to better serve both our customers and the globe.

How Do We Do It Every Year!?

O’Brien’s Moving seeks to set itself apart as the green initiative western NJ movers. While it’s not necessarily easy or quick being a green moving company, we recognize that every little bit helps. Do your part by learning more about recycling and seeking to make your home green today.

If you are needing to plan a residential or commercial move, and seek to have a positive impact on the environment while doing so, count on O’Brien’s Moving to complete your move efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our various green initiatives and begin planning your move