Reading movers

Moving is an adventurous feeling because it allows for a fresh start in a new place. Part of the process is clearing out the items you won't be taking with you, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to throw these belongings away. When it comes to used furniture, donating these items can make the world of difference for families in need and help you get a return on a small portion of your money. The Reading movers at O'Brien's Moving and Storage are firm believer that even the smallest donation can immensely help less fortunate families.

Recently, one of our customers had a sizable quantity of furniture that they didn’t need in their new home. O'Brien's offered to take these items off of their hands and donate them to Reading's Habitat for Humanity Restore. Restore is a home improvement and donation center that sells new and used furniture at reduced prices, and donates the furniture to Habitat for Humanity.

Whether you're looking to purchase new furniture or simply don't have space for your current set, consider a donation to your nearest Habitat for Humanity Restore and give families an opportunity to create the life they've always dreamed of. We encourage anyone that is moving to donate unwanted furniture to their nearest Habitat for Humanity Restore. They offer free pickup of all furniture at any one of their locations!