Winter Promo

With the busy moving season rapidly approaching the cost of moving increases significantly, as well as the demand for moving dates. Movers generally consider the busy season to begin around April 1 and then continue throughout the rest of the year.  Therefore, moving in the winter season can save you time and money, as you enjoy the winter moving specials and off peak pricing! Customers who choose to relocate through March 31,2017 can enjoy these specials from O’Brien’s Moving & Storage, and be moved into their new homes just in time to enjoy the spring and summer weather!

10% off Local  A 10% discount taken off of any local move within the state of New Jersey.

15% off Packing  A 15% discount off any containers and packing services we provide on local moves within the state of New Jersey.

10% off Commercial  A 10% discount off all office and industrial within the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

15% off Interstate  A 15% discount off all interstate moves from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey (and vice-versa).

Please make sure to mention these offers when calling our toll free number, 1-800-729-9340, or when emailing us at Good luck with your move!