Moving to a new home is stressful on all members of the family, even the family pet.

When relocating with pets domestically or internationally, you want to ensure that your pet is healthy, comfortable, safe and secure.

Allentown moving company, O'Brien's Moving & Storage is able to provide access to a specialized pet transport company who can advise you on the specific restrictions and provide you with the proper customs requirements (if needed) and regulations associated with moving your pet. They offer a safe, reliable, and economical means of transportation to make sure the entire process is as stress-free as possible.


·  Pet relocation coordination

·  Information on current regulations and requirements

·  Pre-Travel health checks, treatments and health certificates

·  Professional Boarding facilities

·  Airline approved travel crates

·  Transportation on “pet friendly” airlines

·  “Comfort-stops” for pets in transit

·  Customs clearance

·  Pickup and delivery services


·  Before moving, schedule a veterinary examination to check your pet’s health

·  Obtain copies of vaccination records and health certificate (if required)

·  Don’t forget to mark the kennel with “Live Animal,” your pet’s name and your address and phone number as well as any special handling instructions.

·  Register your pet in your new county/country/state

·  Update any ID tags or microchip information with your new address and phone number

For more tips on relocating with your pets, contact us for a quote!