Moving in wintertime presents unique challenges that many customers may not be aware of:

Shortness of the day. The reduced hours of sunlight can cause jobs to spill over to an additional day. This is important to note for planning, closings, etc. It is very difficult to load/unload a truck in the dark as most trucks do not have lights inside of the box or trailer, and safety issues arise with walking on the ramps and sidewalks while carrying furniture in areas that are not well lit.

Temperature contrasts. This is the most difficult time of the year for movers. They must be sufficiently protected from the cold, but then must enter the heated home fully clothed. They have to try and stay cool and warm at the same time so that they do not become sweated when going outside.

The elements. Ice and snow present obvious problems. Driving a large vehicle in ice or snow is much more difficult than driving a car. Carrying furniture on icy ramps or sidewalks requires more time and is just a slower process.

Keeping your items dry.  As with any weather conditions, keeping your items as dry as possible is our goal. We cover your items with furniture pads to insure this.

What can you do to help?

·  Please make sure all walkways and steps are shoveled and salted, if necessary.

·  Please make sure the driveway (if applicable) is shoveled and salted, if necessary.

·  If we are parking in the street, please make sure we have clear access to the entrance.

·  Make sure all roads leading to your place of origin and destination have been plowed and are open. It is costly for the mover if we get stuck or must seek an alternative route, and it very difficult to try and turn a large vehicle around (if possible).

·  If you have salted please put some type of carpet or other cleaning device directly inside of our entrance, so that we do not soil the house or track salt throughout the house.

·  Most importantly, please be patient and allow the movers extra time to arrive at your residence. We first need to insure that our movers arrive safely to our facility. Also, new state laws (which we fully support), require us to clean off the entire vehicle before driving. The roof of the truck is very time consuming to clean. Finally, we must drive slower in winter conditions. I’m sure many of you who need to be on the road during winter conditions appreciate the fact that our trucks are being driven slowly and cautiously.

Lehigh Valley Moving Company, O'Briens Moving and Storage is here to help you move during the winter season! Please assist us in making your winter move go as smoothly as possible and good luck with your move!