Lehigh Valley, While Hurricane Sandy is land bound and flying past our region we want to make sure everybody takes proper precautions.

Here are some things to always have at the forefront of your mind.

1.) Use good judgement The best thing families can do is to stay indoors. For your safety and the community being indoors is to protect you and your family. The flood waters are not the safest waters to navigate on foot. If you haven't had a tetanus booster shot it's best to stay indoors and stay in your bed.

IF you do need to go outside please by cautious. There are down power lines which can be deadly. Not to be Chicken Little but watch over your head for falling trees.

Also be wary of calm water. Everybody at one point has heard, "Still water runs deep." If you can see water stream that means it's shallow. But if the surface of the water is calm AND you can't see the bottom then you should be beware of deep water. There can be broken glass or worse you can fall into an uncovered manhole.

2.) Keep things in order You should know where important items are at all times. When we say important we don't mean a bowling league trophy. Have important items labeled and sealed in ziplock bags like: medication, ID cards, insulin, and food for special dietary demands.

In case you don't have power make sure to know where the following things are located: flashlights, portable radios, extra batteries, candles, matches and power generators. There are plenty of AM and FM radio stations in Lehigh Valley dedicating full coverage to superstorm Sandy.

Nearly 30 thousand Allentown residents are without electricity. PPL Electric Utilities is reporting to fallen power and utilities lines.

The Allentown Fire Department worked night long to address 186 emergency calls. Most calls were about collapsing roofs in which homes had to be evacuated.

The families of evacuated homes stayed with family, friends or emergency shelters.

We hope that everyone stays safe while Sandy blows through.

O'Brien's is here to help the community after the storm is gone.

Stay safe, From everyone at O'Brien's Moving & Storage