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A recent article by, "8 Financial Reasons to Buy a House in January, According to Experts," mentioned many different reasons, mainly financial, for buying a house in January.

  1. Buying a home in the winter months is a great time because of less competition from other buyers, so sellers may not want to sit on their homes for too long, and may be more willing to assist with closing costs, repairs, etc. This is especially true in colder climates versus warmer climates, where there may be more competition.
  2. Less competition during the winter months usually leads to homes listing and selling for a lesser price than they would later in the year, and tends to avoid the bidding wars that can occur during the busier time. For movers, the main reason that this is the slowest time is the fact that many families do not want to relocate their children during the school year.
  3. Moving costs are much cheaper. The old law of supply and demand applies here. The moving season starts getting busy in May, and then skyrockets throughout the summer, and then gradually tapers down around October through the end of the year. Since there is more capacity during the winter months, moving costs are 20-30% less than during the busy season. This excess capacity also leads to the ability for a quicker move.
  4. Financial lenders often have more funds available at the start of the year and may provide more incentives, financial assistance, and possibly down payment assistance.
  5. Less volume also leads to shorter closing times for both the buyer and the seller, which helps free up the buyer and assists a seller who is currently renting.
  6. Tax deductions. Buying over the winter months allows the seller to take common tax deductions such as property taxes, closing costs, and mortgage interest rates for a longer period of time.

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