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Some traditions change with time, and some do not- or should not. O’Brien’s Moving & Storage just celebrated its 95th anniversary, so we must be doing something right.
One tradition we have always abided by and still do to this day, is having an experienced salesperson come to your home to provide a free, in-home estimate. 

The Benefits of an In-Home Estimate

Why do we prefer the in-home estimate?
  • Our salespeople are the professional representatives of our company. They put the customer at ease and put a face behind the move.
  • In-home estimates are always more accurate than virtual or video estimates. Furniture has all different sizes, shapes, and weights- which affects the price of the move and how it is moved. Entrances, exits, hallways, and stairs are just some of the things that need to be seen up close to ensure ease of movement and to avoid damage to the furniture, walls, and door frames. Specific items such as artwork, pictures, glass and marble tops, statues, and any delicate pieces are items that need to be seen firsthand and measured if necessary, to determine if they need special handling or crating. These are just a few of the examples of why we prefer to provide an in-home estimate.

Working With The Right Moving & Storage Company

Due to health concerns, time constraints, and other restrictive issues customers may have, O’Brien’s Moving & Storage will gladly work with you to do a video/virtual estimate with a salesperson. Our dedicated team will provide you with a high-quality virtual estimate that can be used in place of the in-home estimate. However, be aware- if a moving company prefers to do a virtual survey, takes another moving company’s in-home estimate and uses that to provide a virtual estimate, is unwilling to do a physical survey, or is only able to provide a virtual or internet estimate – WALK AWAY. Providing in-home estimates greatly reduces the probability of the move going over the estimate, reduces the chances of furniture and residence damage, and helps prevent unwelcome surprises for you and the crew on moving day. By choosing O'Brien's Moving & Storage, you are guaranteed a quality estimate of your choice. 

You have taken much time and effort on your home, furnishings, and personal effects. Trust the company that takes the time to come to your home to make sure these things are taken care of properly, and who makes it a priority to accurately evaluate your moving needs to ensure a successful and well-planned move. Get your free quote from O'Brien's Moving & Storage today!

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