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Tredyffrin Township Moving Company

As the top moving and storage company in Tredyffrin Township, O’Brien’s Moving and Storage is dedicated to quality relocation services. Since 1928, our A+-rated company has been providing this historic region with services that help get families to where they need to be. If you’re considering moving to Pennsylvania, Tredyffrin Township is a culturally rich and prosperous place to call home.

Tredyffrin Township’s Deep Colonial Roots

Officially incorporated in 1707, Tredyrffrin Township has seen all the evolutions that the United States has gone through. Because of this town’s proximity to Revolutionary War battlefronts, there are countless historical sites spread across the area. The most popular is by far the Valley Forge National Historic Park, the exact location where Revolutionary War general and first President George Washington camped during the conflict.

Tredyffrin Township has been there since the beginning, and it has continued to adapt and change throughout the centuries. Once the Main Line railroad was constructed, this township became a central place for merchants and millworkers. In the early 20th century, Tredyffrin had one of the only racially integrated public schools in the country. Despite attempts to segregate the school during the 1930s, the school remained mixed, serving as a positive influence for the nation’s ongoing civil rights movements and permanently stopping school segregation in Pennsylvania.

Perfectly Situated Outside of Philadelphia

Outside of a historical context and stepping into today, Tredyffrin Township remains very much alive. This now suburban community is located only 15 miles outside of Philadelphia, providing residents with a very quick commute. This allows all families to prosper, seek new economic opportunities, and grow their financial well-being.

Some of the main industries found in Philadelphia include manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, telecommunications, and health care, amongst many more. Individuals looking to make a career change or grow their current one will find that there is little difficulty here. Additionally, Allentown is just a short one-hour drive away, providing numerous other career opportunities. With a relatively low cost of living compared to other metropolitan areas, families will find it easy to settle, live comfortably, and raise their families.

Comprehensive Moving and Storage Services in Tredyffrin Township

As one of the top Tredyffrin Township moving companies, we believe that your family should have all the help that they need for a successful relocation. As such, we specialize in:

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