Eastern PA Mover Review by Burton B.

I moved from a 2-bedroom apt. in Northeast Phila. to a 1-bedroom in Center City. This was my first move in 32 years. I picked a really bad rainy, windy day. They called to say they'd be a little late what with the weather and all, but, when they got there, they were incredibly efficient and competent. Carlos, Mike, & Mike really know their business. They moved everything out in less than two hours and, when I got to the new apt., they were already there bringing stuff in. They were a pleasure to do business with and, on top of that, the charge turned out to be about 1/3 less than the original estimate. (I packed a lot of things myself and gave away a lot of items before I moved that I hadn't planned on doing when I got the estimate.) I highly recommend O'Brien's.