Eastern PA Mover Review by Meg

We used O'Brien's for in town moves twice over 6 months due to our selling and buying of houses not lining up. Both times they came in under the estimated price. The 4 man crew was polite and helpful each time. We moved all breakables (glass wear, TV, etc.) ourselves but the movers moved everything else and all the furniture came out unscathed. In fact, I accidently left china plates in wire mesh containers IN the china cabinet while it was being moved and not a single dish was broken. After each move they checked in to make sure they had done everything we needed including setting up the beds and reattaching furniture parts. After the second move they suggested we check the truck ourselves to ensure nothing was left behind. I would recommend doing this as it was not done after the first move and a larger kids toy was lost during the first move. If I had checked the truck I would have felt better about knowing it wasn't left on the truck.