Readings Mover Review by Susan G.

I want to thank you for an extremely positive experience with the move of my sister's household goods from Fleetwood, PA, to Scottsdale, AZ. >From start to finish, the service received was exceptional. The moving request was made on short notice, but Robert Deering came in on a day of vacation to meet us at the location, give us a quote and get the process started. The household goods were in storage at O'Brien's for four months. When I called to begin the process of getting this small load scheduled for the Pennsylvania to Arizona move, my expectations were again exceeded. From the time of my first telephone call to delivery at the Scottsdale, AZ, location was less than two weeks. The Allied Master Mover, Gordon, touched base both before and after he loaded the items being moved and touched base along the road. He arrived at the arranged time and was professional, courteous and extremely careful with the items being delivered. These household items are prized, sentimental possessions to my sister and she was quite pleased with the care he took. My sister had experience with a local Scottsdale, AZ, moving company a few days earlier -- not affiliated with Allied -- and encountered surly movers who were not careful and merely dumped her possessions in the middle of the living room floor. There were hidden charges that I can only call bait and switch pricing. (I have filed a complaint with the BBB of Scottsdale. regarding that company.) An experience the polar opposite of the experience with O'Brien's/Allied. My sister has little experience with moving and that experience left her apprehensive and concerned about the delivery by Obrien's/Allied. When I spoke with her after the mover left, she was euphoric. The mover was kind, helpful and went above and beyond. My thanks to the entire Obrien's team. Special thanks to Natasha who moved mountains with a request that came in one day at closing for an appointment the next morning; Robert, who came in on a day off and, in my humble opinion, is a miracle worker; and Deana, who handled the financial end and made file notes to ensure that a mean-spirited ex-husband could not sabotage the storage/move requests. The Pennsylvania end of the move involved difficult circumstances on a cold, nasty day in late January resulting from a contentious divorce after 40-plus years of marriage. The O'Brien's team -- especially Natasha and Robert -- provided a light at the end of a tunnel. We got done what needed to get done, made our flight out of Philadelphia, and knew we were in good hands. The delivery today in Scottsdale, AZ, only served to underscore the excellent and compassionate service my sister received from O'Brien's. Thank you for going the extra mile. You have my heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation not only for what you did but how you did it.