Household Moves Mover Review by Gene M.

I've been waiting for the chance to review O'Brien's. THESE GUYS WERE GREAT! I had heard and read about so many horror stories with movers, NOT THIS ONE, that I was concerned that I would experience the same nightmare as others but instead of a nightmare it was more of a dream come true. Everything arrived on the day stated and with no damages. Rob, the estimator, was courteous and professional. His estimate for the move from northern PA to southern VA was very fair, IMHO, and exactly what I paid for the move. Brett and his crew, sorry I forget their names but you know who you are, don't get paid enough. They were also quite courteous and professional but hard workers as well. They busted their backsides both in packing in PA and transferring to a smaller truck to unpack at my country home in VA. I can't say enough good things about O'Brien's Moving. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again.