Eastern PA Mover Review by Samantha M.

We used O'Briens for moving our items into a POD while transitioning to a new home and they were awesome!! We then used O'Briens a second time to have them move the items out of our POD and into our forever home. I was thrilled with their carefulness of our items. The only part I was not happy with from O'Briens was their scheduling department.. we specifically requested labor at a certain start time (weeks in advance), and then the day before, they claimed they couldn't guarantee a time. VERY DISAPPOINTING! A move is not a small task, and when you have other helpers, kids to deal with and dogs, timing is everything, and O'Briens didn't understand that. They acted as if someone else had a job more important than ours, and it was very disappointing! The guys were on their cell phones a lot, which didn't give me the best feeling, but they got the job done so I guess that's all that matters. The back office at O'Briens isn't the most professional, which doesn't leave a comforting feeling when trying to plan a move.