Eastern Pa Mover Review by SEAshelllady

I contacted two movers in my area (Reading, PA) to quote on my move to another part of Reading (a local move). The first mover's rep arrived in a very unprofessional outfit and did not give me a quote (even a ballpark one) while at my home. I had to call them 3 times before I finally got a written quotation (about 10 days after their rep visited my home). The second mover (O'Brien's) rep arrived promptly and was dressed professionally, had a tablet computer and proceeded to give me a WRITTEN quotation on the spot. It was a bit lower than the first mover--but I decided then and there that O'Brien's would get my business. The day of the move, the crew arrived about 90 minutes later than scheduled; but, once they were there, they went about their tasks in a concerted and harmonious method; the move went off without any major hitches and I am very satisfied overall with the way O'Brien's handled by household move. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family who live in their service area.