Allentown Mover Review by Anne S.

Wow, my crew was tops! How do I love O'Brien's? Let me count the ways! First, Nancy McKay was so helpful on initial contact and got me an estimator right away for a move that was only DAYS away, and not just any estimator, a very experienced, professional, very helpful gentleman who gave us very specific suggestions on how we could save money by cutting down on the hours he was estimating. We took all his suggestions to heart and it worked - we had a pile of boxes that went about 3/4 of a car length and 5' high welcoming our moving crew Monday morning, and the crew was THRILLED to see this because it made their work easier - many of these boxes had been carried up from the basement. Second, the loader, Joe was terrific, he went around each room and confirmed what would move and what would stay and planned out how it was going to go into the van. More importantly, he remembered what we had said - if something showed up at the van door and he remembered hearing that it wasn't suppose to be moved, he questioned it, set it aside, reconfirmed with me and sent it back into the house if necessary! Third, Barry was an absolute monster at carrying things, it was unbelievable watching the stuff that kid would move by himself, up or down steps, with never a single groan about how heavy something was - in fact he stated in the first few minutes that he loves his job because he gets to work out at work without having to pay a gym fee. What a terrific attitude! He kept telling me to relax, they had everything covered. Fourth, Nick was great at explaining everything on the forms that I was signing and of course also moving various pieces of furniture and mentoring Barry! How do I know about the mentoring? Barry at one point told me he's been doing this 9 years and he learns something new every day - I challenged him to tell me what was the "something new" he had learned today - he said Nick had just told him about a half hour earlier about a technique for moving one of the pieces of furniture that would absolutely make sure it would not break. Fifth, Steven was incredibly quick setting up wardrobes, pulling stuff from the closets and filling the wardrobes, taking apart bedframes and the TV stand. Sixth, the whole crew was just incredibly nice, I would go so far as to say they were fun to work with. They all had great attitudes, and provided excellent service. Nothing was a problem for them. Example: I had run a load of laundry Sunday night and had forgotten to put it in the dryer. When they went to move the wash machine Monday morning, one of the guys called down to me "Do you know you have laundry in your wash machine?" I honestly thought they were kidding, they were so good natured I figured they were just trying to pull my leg. I went upstairs laughing and said "Yeah, right, that's a good one!" and they showed me the load I had forgotten! As I was in a panic thinking about what I could put the damp laundry into (as most things had been packed up already, Barry said "Don't worry, just throw the clothes in the dryer, we'll take the washer out and gather up whatever else we can first while you get the clothes dried! You've got time, relax." Moving is always stressful, but O'Brien's made it so much better. And then to accomplish it under the estimate was just a bonus (thanks again to the estimator - we really saw the value of the pre-work that he suggested!)